Just The Facts, Ma'am

What the media is saying about Johnny:

"Perfect.” - Atomic Magazine

“[He] touches on so many musical styles. But he does it with amazing talent and sincerity, again setting himself apart from his peers. Boyd has a wonderful voice-a high plaintive tenor, excellent phrasing, and a warm tremolo that he only uses when needed. His lyrics are inventive and funny, and he utilized top-notch musicians on this recording [Last Word In] who helped him achieve what he had floating around in his head. Johnny Boyd is a talent to be reckoned with.” - JazzReview.com

“Sweet music to our ears.” - American Generations Magazine

“Boyd sounds dead-on as he sings to you straight from his own soul…a versatile songwriter of genius proportions.” - InMusicWeTrust.com

“Johnny Boyd has the constrained, bell-like yearning of postwar America down perfectly.” - The Village Voice (New York, NY)

“Romantic.” - The Washington Post (Washington, DC)

“Smooth.” - New York Daily News (New York, NY)

“Sophisticated and fun…a solid singer and a songwriter with heart.” - San Francisco Bay Guardian (San Francisco, CA)

“[Boyd has] a talent for writing catchy material.” - Victory Music Review Magazine

“Coolly evocative…talent to spare.” - Patriot Ledger (Boston, MA)

“Boyd clearly loves each song and reinforces the old musical maxim…if it feels good, it is good.” - The Billings Gazette (Billings, MT)

“A crooner who could make any girl swoon.” - The Fritz Magazine

“Butter smooth...think Dion crossed with Wayne Newton.” - Orange County Register (Santa Ana, CA)

“Boyd’s crooning perfection brings assured grace to every note, whether lush and tender or jumpin’.” - Blues Access Magazine

“Boyd’s crooning vocals are slick and enthusiastic. His is a top quality voice.” - Slamm Magazine

“Astounding.” - Delta Snake Daily Blues

“Boyd’s voice is great for these tunes.” - AllAboutJazz.com

“Johnny Boyd is one of those people who was born to sing and seems to be able to hit any note that might be thrown at him.” - TheShrubbery.com

“Listen to singer Johnny Boyd’s reedy voice and naïve phrasing, staccato with enthusiasm and trilling with flirtatiousness. It echoes with the kind of slapback that Sam Phillips elevated to an art on the voice of Elvis Presley.” - Female FYI Magazine

“Suave.” - The Oregonian (Portland, OR)

“Brassy.” - Louisville Eccentric Observer (Louisville, KY)

“Fun, yet seductive…and, boy, does Johnny Boyd sing sweet.” - Riverfront Times (St. Louis, MO)

“Boyd[‘s] to-swoon-by lyrical presence and reet pleats make him a dashing frontman.” - SF Weekly (San Francisco, CA)

“Johnny Boyd’s vocals, not to mention the way he turns a phrase, are the one thing that stands out…[he] brings a fun, retro energy.” - The Glass Eye (Toledo, OH)

“Boyd’s vocals are perfect; they’ve got the soul, style, and class of swing, and some rock charm to go with them.” - InMusicWeTrust.com

“A real gone daddy who can croon the blues.” - Hot Rod Deluxe Magazine

“Smoothly charming singer.” - Metroland Weekly (Albany, NY)

“Silky...sweet…sultry.” - Seattle Weekly (Seattle, WA)

“[Boyd’s] voice is the richest and easiest among the new crop of swing singers.” - Lewiston Morning Tribune (Lewiston, ID)

“Smooth, honest voice…simply mesmerizing.” - Atomic Magazine

“Gives Perry Como a run for his money.” - Alameda Times-Star (Oakland, CA)

“Clear, crisp…and lyrics that stand on their own.” - Ventura County Star (Ventura, CA)